Nature and beauty are one and the same in life. Nature is graceful and beautiful, and it gives peace and happiness to the environment, so do women. Women are graceful, charming, and they create a pleasing environment. Regarding nature, the beauty of nature always attracts everyone who sees it, creating an impression of its beauty…as do women.

Jirasak Anujohn is an artist who works with impressionism. He was very impressed with the landscape of Lopburi. With his expertise in the use of palette knives instead of brushes and his way of giving lights, shadows, contrasts and harmonious colours, the drawn landscapes feel uniquely realistic. Similarly, he was impressed by the beauty of women, which always attracts the eye with charm, brightness, and cheerful disposition. However, they could go as far as being mysterious. Many novels have been written based on exciting and compelling stories of women. For this reason, the two subjects are intertwined in the creation of Impressions.


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