“If the path to finding amazing things in life were defined by ‘luck’ or ‘destiny’ as a participant in life’s issues of finding solutions through different methods, then this series of works would strive to connect all of our souls”.

A definition from Kannika Jansuwan, creator of “SERENDIPITY’S FATE”

““SERENDIPITY´S FATE”, which means the path to the discovery of desirable things in life through serendipity or ´PREDESTINATION´. The purpose of these paintings is to unite our souls together under our shared life struggles and breakthroughs. One of the things I have come to appreciate most about tarot and art, especially during these times, is that they both speak to all of us, in our collective and universal conscious and subconscious. It is a mythological journey through the human experience, something that each and everyone of us can identify with, so I feel the best way to present this series is to use it as a vehicle for my stories, with the hope that everyone can find in it some aspects of themselves.”

A brand new collection of oil paintings consisting of more than 55 pieces of art created specifically for this exhibition with the aim of portraying the tale of mythological legends that the artist wishes to transmit. It has both a surreal dimension and a unique connection to spirituality. The most exciting thing about this exhibition is the connection between the painter and the mysteries of the Tarot that encapsulates creativity and encourages interaction. Additionally, it offers guests a chance to participate in the artistic process.

Discover “Serendipity’s Fate” together.

2 July ’22 – 31 July ’22 

Central: The Original Store, Level 3
1266 Charoen Krung Road 

Free Entry


10 AM – 6 PM

#SerendipitysFate #artsdesiam

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