SIWILAI SOUND CLUB (S.S-C), a timeless bar that elevates music to its nature and advocates sound to its purest form, is the latest addition to the Siwilai family.

With a custom-made OJAS-designed sound system, Siwilai Sound Club is a music bar divided in two. On the first floor, the live room will be home to the jazz musicians in Thailand and worldwide jazz talent. Piano-driven, S.S-C’s intimacy will take jazz back to its essence as the ultimate search for freedom in music.

On the second floor, the Audiophile Bar follows the motto, “what goes around has a better sound”. Equipped with a vintage high-fidelity system and a personal vinyl collection, the Audiophile Bar is the destination for every vinyl aficionado. Each room offers a unique list of drinks, created in perfect synchronicity with its sound and atmosphere; and a shared selection of dishes, enabling an unforgettable experience.

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Temporary Closed to help curb the spread of COVID-19

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