Charoen Krung Road is the first major road of Bangkok, previously known as Phra Nakhon. Passing through the heart of old Bangkok, the road drastically reshaped the development of the city by shifting its primary mode of transport from water to land, and thus played a significant role in boosting the capital’s business and development in its prime before being dominated by other roads as time went by. 

What’s Behind the Street is the presentation of the modern Charoen Krung Road through the eyes of 3 leading Thai urban artists. The exhibition aspires to drive making artworks to be more than for profit and reflect the artists’ thoughts on the road and its neighborhoods through urban-art works from mixed media techniques such as spray paintings, paintings, prints and character designs. 

Find out what each of the artists think of the history of Charoen Krung Road in the exhibition What’s Behind the Street.  

9 June ’22 – 10 July ’22

Central: The Original Store, Level 4
1266 Charoen Krung Road 

Free Entry


10 AM – 6 PM

#jecksbkk #pakornbna
#asinacids #artsdesiam

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