Central: The Original Store is the new cultural centre located in the historical area where the first retail store of the Central Group was established, on Charoenkrung Road. For the first time, Central, together with Thailand’s leading contemporary artist, Tawan Wattuya, launched the exhibition ‘1973 by TAWAN’ – a series that was born from nostalgia, passion, dream and memory of the year 1973.

Tawan Wattuya begins with a search for ‘images’ that go back in the fading, disjointed memory such as superheros, black and white TV, album cover of vinyl records, movie posters, news photos of important events from the past and artifacts representing the 1970s era. 

He creates his painting with a combination of techniques: realistic drawing with fuzzy free-form sketching. The arrangement of bright colors with black and white, the intention to leave the space and overlay. A picture that paints traces of time. They all create an experience of seeing Tawan Wattuya’s work in a new way, connecting together parts of the past, the dimension of time, the experience of the audience and the artist’s identity.

Be ready for the ‘1973 by TAWAN’ exhibition that will take you back in time with inspiring Talk to join.  

At Central: The Original Store 


10 Nov ’21 – 12 Dec ’21

Free Entry! 


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