Located at Level 1 of Central: The Original Store, SIWILAI Café is crafted with a deep-rooted appreciation for freshly brewed coffee. Its slow bar offers a variety of premium beans, including its own single-origin, special blend, and house blend variation; all hand-sourced from the prime coffee-growing regions of Thailand.

SIWILAI Café brings together eight different beans from multiple villages surrounding the Northern region of Thailand, while also offering a rotating selection harvested by season. By sourcing locally, the cafe is able to support local farmers and provide customers with the finest Thai coffee you can find.

The cafe’s N072 blend stems from the Catimor family grown in Pangkhum, Chiang Mai. This variation undergoes a natural process that delivers a taste note of mandarin orange and a strong scent of wildflower and lemon.

Apart from the Catimor variety, SIWILAI Café also offers a range of special and house blend beans for coffee lovers to explore. These variations combine different bean profiles to produce a unique taste note and cup quality that is a signature to the brand.

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