“Most people always have their own beliefs. Regardless of whether there is a good reason to support it or whether society provides a definition, sometimes we know and see the truth in front of us, but we still choose to believe in what we want it to be.

Just like myself, who believes that ghosts can fool us only at night. Even though I have never seen such things in my life, I am still very afraid of ghosts, but my subconscious mind doesn’t dwell on it permanently; it still allows time for me to rest, fear, and live a normal life during the daytime. Even though it’s the same place, I still choose to deceive myself because of what I believe.”  – Lampu Kansanoh

Discover the interpretation on how people choose to believe through Lampu Kansanoh ’s art pieces at  “Hed nai sing tee cheu” (“Do what you believe”) Exhibition. 

At Central: The Original Store

Free Entry!
24 June ’21 – 25 July ’21

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